What is VoIP?

VoIP is an acronym for voice over internet protocol, aka voice over ip phone. A VoIP, in essence, is a computer phone that...

How does VoIP work?

The way we make phone calls is changing. In fact in many circumstances things have already changed. Take long distance...

VoIP for home

The movie Extra Terrestrial (ET) coined the phrase "phone home" and each year American's look for more cost effective ways to...

Webpages test

Test your bandwidth to well known webpages. Now you can place our tester in you webpages for free and increase popularity of it!

More about VoIP

Find out more about VoIP. Bellow you can explore some additional information.

Webhosting knowledge

Find out what webhosting is and how to set up your own web server.

How to add your server

If you want to host server for our voip test and place it with your link on our map read the requirements:

1. You should have linux server (any distro) with root access to install some software given from us.

2. You should have minimal experience with linux administration to complete installation or you can trust us and give us your root account - we will install software for you.

3. Our voip test needs software:

- web server (apache, lighttpd) for download test
- php 5.2.x for upload test
- PERL (.cpan) for voip test
- server bandwidth above 50/50 Mbps
- public IP address

Feel free to contact us.